Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

The age-old question!
The cost of your website depends on a multitude of factors based on your Business & Website requirements.
Send us your rquirements and we will be happy to send you a quote.

What platform do you use to develop a Website ?

We have an interesting mix of Designers & Developers ! We have teams that are skilled in WIX, Square Online & Wordpress. We also have a FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPMENT team in place with expertise in Front End Design (Browser), Back End Code(Server Side coding) & Database. This team is skilled in Technologies like PHP/PYTHON/HTML5/MYSQL/JQUERY/ANGULAR/REACT/ETC. Full Stack team typically works on a large scale Enterprise level application/Website. The team will work with you to design, code and develop your Website/Application in a phased manner. Contact us for more information.

If I live outside the US, can you still help me ?

Absolutely ! We have designed Websites for clients in the US, Canada , U.K. & India.

What size businesses do you work with ?

We have worked with clients ranging from a tiny one person catering business to a full-fledged E-Commerce site. Our Portfolio spans across E-Commerce, IT Companies, Booking Services (Catering, Beauty, Barber & more), Hollywood Journalism, Wedding Venues, Small Businesses, Minority Owned, Photography, Schools, Nursery & Landscaping, Drop shipping and much more.

Do you offer ongoing help with a Website after completion?

Yes we do! We provide maintenance & support services for our clients. Web maintenance provides some slack ,fills in the design gaps and ensures that the site is regularly refreshed and is working smoothly. Offload the complicated work on us while you stay focused on your business and your clients!

What are the Services that you provide ?

Check out our Services page. Please contact us with any and all questions that you may have.

I own a restaurant - can you help me ?

We absolutely can - and it helps that we are foodies!

Please visit our Restaurants Page for details on our extensive services for Restaurateurs like yourself. Contact us for more information.

I would like to work with you! What is the best way to get started?

You can use our Contact Page to send us information regarding your Website requirements. You can also Email us at, send a whatsapp, or just pick up the phone and call. And you can also schedule a free initial consulation call with us here.

Do you provide Holiday Discounts ?

Yes we do ! We have Discounts up tp 50% off during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Contact us today!