iTester Web Designs is a Wix Legend Partner !

What does that mean for us and for you ? 

iTester Web Designs is a 5 Star Legend Partner

What is WIX and how does it work?

WIX is a website hosting provider that offers a top of the line CMS for website creation and management. The CMS allows for businesses to create websites that fit every type of business, from E-commerce online shopping to Informational/Static websites. 

Why is our WIX Legend Level partnership a big deal?

Wix Legend Partnership is the highest level of Wix Subject Matter Expertise - a program of which only a handful of agencies around the world are a part of.  iTester Web Designs has built over 100 websites and currently supports 50+ businesses using the WIX platform. We have earned the TOP most recognition in the WIX Partner Program - The Wix Legend Partnership.


How does our WIX partnership benefit you?

✔  We stay ahead of trends with early access to WIX betas.

​✔  We have dedicated WIX resources available with VIP partner support.

​✔  You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

​✔  We are the experts - even WIX says so!